One Week After Saying ‘God Picked Trump,’ Michele Bachmann Stricken With Lockjaw


Former Minnesota Rep. and ‘spiritual adviser’ to Donald Trump Michele Bachmann has been stricken by lockjaw and is currently unable to speak.

Just last week Bachmann made headlines by saying that “God raised up” Donald Trump to be president in an interview with “The Brody File” on Fox News.

“The one thing I know from the Bible is that God’s vengeance is swift and mighty. Last week I said on a TV program that God wants Donald Trump to be president. This week I have been diagnosed with tetanus and am unable to open my mouth because I have painful lockjaw,” said Bachmann in a written statement she released today.

“God smites those who he will. It seems that I was wrong, and I am sorry now. I should never have put words in God’s mouth. Maybe I’m not that smart, I don’t know but I do know that the Bible is true and that the Bible teaches not to put words in God’s mouth. God smites who He wants.”

Bachmann also denounced Trump, who she says is “obviously full of it” when it comes to upholding orthodox Christian values.

“If you can look at what Donald Trump says and what he does, it is clear that he is not a Christian or even spiritual. Money is his god. He is as close to the devil as it gets. I pray that God notices that I have renounced Trump and heals my painful, painful lockjaw.”

It is unclear how Michele Bachmann contracted tetanus. She is refusing medical treatment for the condition because she says “God will heal” her.