Americans Finally Learn About World’s Biggest Humanitarian Crisis Because A Politician Was Dumb


American public awareness of the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis reached an all time high on Thursday when one of the presidential candidates made an idiot of himself on national television.

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president of the United States, appeared not to know what Aleppo was during interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Thursday. He actually said, “What is Aleppo?”

Americans quickly pounced on Johnson for his blunder. By 2pm the term ‘Aleppo’ was trending with 251,000 tweets, almost every tweet was of people discussing the conflict in Syria while also mocking Johnson.

“I usually don’t care about what happens in the world or who dies,” said Floyd Richardson, an insurance salesman from Lubbock, Texas. “But when I heard Gary Johnson is such an idiot he didn’t know what Aleppo was, I had to Google and learn what it was so I could feel smarter than him. Ha! What a jackass that guy is. Trump 2016!”

Prior to today, most Americans thought Aleppo was a pharmaceutical drug of some kind. Apparently, Aleppo is one of Syria’s largest cities and has been going through a bit of a civil war. A civil war is when two groups within one nation fight each other for control.

“I’m not sure why anyone should care about terrorists dying in Islamistan,” said Fred Reynolds, a retired security officer. “But this is a good reason to know, this is funny now because he is dumb man who not know things.”

For many years, control of the city has been split between Bashar Assad’s forces and the rebels fighting his authoritarian regime. Bashar Assad is the current President of Syria.

It seems that the nonstop fighting has created a large-scale humanitarian crisis. Civilians are bombed and shot at daily and many neighborhoods are cut off from receiving food, medicine, or toilet paper. When electricity is out, these poor people can’t even play videogames or watch TV.

“If I didn’t have no TV or no beer I’d probably blow myself up too,” said another American, who asked to remain anonymous. “That would be hell. Learning about this Leppo place has made me sad. I don’t want to learn again.”

Will American awareness of foreign affairs continue to rise? It’s been almost a decade since the majority of Americans last forced themselves to learn something so they could feel superior to an idiot politician.