Bill Clinton Spotted At Bernie Sanders Rally


DES MOINES – Bernie Sanders visited the Iowa State Fair and spoke to a crowd of 2,500 people that showed up to hear him speak Saturday afternoon. But this rally was a little different, because hidden among the crowd was none other than Bill Clinton himself.

“Bernie Sanders is extremely likable and has what it takes to win,” said Bill Clinton, 68, former president and husband to Hillary Clinton. “When he speaks, I can’t help but smile and get fired up at the same time. Bernie makes me feel like I’m 18 again and anything is possible. He’s just so genuine! I just had to see him speak in person.”


Bill Clinton forcefully professed his love for Bernie Sanders to anyone that would listen for another 10 minutes before suddenly remembering he had somewhere to be.

“Does anyone have the time?” said a visibly anxious Bill Clinton. “I was only able to slip away for a few minutes. If Hillary finds out I was here she might have me killed. Just kidding! Haha. But seriously…I’m really, really trusting you guys to keep this quiet. Thank you.”

For Sanders, this is merely another of several recent high-profile defections to his campaign. Just last week, the rapper ‘Lil-B the Based God’ switched his support from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders.

Statistical analysts project that if Jay-Z and Beyoncé endorse Bernie Sanders next, the probability of Sanders becoming president rises to 86%. There has been no word yet from Hillary Clinton on her reaction to her husband Bill being seen at a Bernie Sanders rally, but it is widely assumed that she is extremely furious.

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