God Calls On The Dictionary To Accept His Definition Of ‘Scaramucci’


Today Anthony Scaramucci was fired after only 10 days of working at the White House.

It was a tumultuous week.

In an interview on the record, Scaramucci insulted his new coworkers and said that Steve Bannon “sucks his own cock.”

Even for the Trump White House, this was too far. Taking away healthcare from 24 million people is one thing, but talking exactly as Trump does? That’s too far.

God stepped in to define the word ‘Scaramucci’ for all time.

God also called upon Merriam-Webster Dictionary to make this the official definition.

As of yet, Merriam-Webster has not responded.But God’s Tweet is already haflway to 1000. It’s just a matter of time. But even if they don’t accept it, this is the official definition anyway, because God has spoken!