God’s Poll On ‘Who Is More Trustworthy’ Goes Mega Viral


This week the Trump White House went even further than ever before in trying to completely delegitimize the news media.

In response, God posted a poll asking people to declare who they trust more. In the last 4 days, the poll has been shared over 12,000 times and recorded over 80,000 votes. According to God’s notifications, it has been shared by many currently famous movie stars such as Will Arnett and T.J. Miller. The poll will run until July 3rd.

Here is the poll if you would like to vote on it. If you don’t feel like logging in to Twitter or voting, the results are listed below with some analysis.

Why did God post this poll? Well, the Trump White House has made it clear that any news stories they don’t like are ‘FAKE NEWS.’ They want people to only trust in Trump’s alternative facts, propaganda, and National Enquirer stories.

God has more faith in humanity than that. God knows that most people aren’t buying this shit, and know a desperate conman on the run when they see one.

And reality backed God up! The news media is currently winning by a percentage of 93%.

The vast majority of people trust the news media more than the Trump White House, which currently has 7%.

Does the news media (CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, and the succeeding NY Times) make mistakes from time to time? Of course they do, everyone does. But they own up to it, apologize, and often fire the reporters involved.

When has Trump ever accepted responsiblity or apologized for anything? He admits that he works with the National Enquirer to create fake stories to intimidate his enemies, as he did with the hosts of ‘Morning Joe.’ Just imagine! This from the guy who complains about ‘fake news’ nonstop.

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