Hundreds Killed By April Fools Prank Gone Wrong


Pssst! Hey you! Good job on actually reading this article and critically evaluating it. Let’s have some fun with all the people on Facebook who will believe this is true and comment on the story without even reading the article, even though it’s frigging April Fool’s Day and holy shit, what are they doing?

When you go back to Facebook to comment, don’t give it away that this didn’t happen and spoil the fun. In fact, please feel free to embellish the details of this ‘story.’ Or If you don’t feel like thinking too hard, here are a few sample comments for you to use:

– Stupid jerks got what was coming to them.

– How the hell was it only hundreds?? Shout out to our brave firefighters.

– How long until they ban April Fools Day in this country now too?? So tired of all this politically correct ‘life-saving’ bullshit.

– I don’t know. Were hundreds killed? Yes. Was it funny that people were stupid enough to shove THAT up THERE? Yes. Was that funny? Yes.

– It’s a damn shame what they did to that dog.

Thanks again for actually reading the article and using your mind to think critically. Hopefully more people can learn to do that. I think we can all agree that only a dumbass would comment on an article without actually reading it first.

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