Lena Dunham Says Blind Man Ignored Her And Twitter Clapped Back


Girls star Lena Dunham is once again in hot water after Dunham made a comment about supposedly being snubbed by a random blind man while riding on a NYC subway.

During an interview with the Village Letter, Dunham said she recently rode the subway and sat across from a blind man who didn’t notice her at all.

“He smelled me and immediately determined I did not possess the scent of a woman by his standards,” Dunham said. “He was like, ‘That’s a bag of old garbage. That’s a dead sewer rat. That’s a pile of dog crap.’ It wasn’t mean — he just seemed like he smelled something awful.”

She continued, “The vibe was very much like, ‘Am I going to throw up? Is this pile of dog crap wearing…yep, it’s wearing perfume. I’m going back to cuddling with my therapy dog.’

She went on to say the subway should be called the “New York Subway of Getting Rejected by Hot Blind Men.”

Many people didn’t find her comments about the blind man funny and used Twitter to call her out for trying to go through a random blind man’s thought processes.




Dunham used her own Twitter to defend herself, claiming the blind man was a chauvinistic jerk.

“This man refused to even look at me! Yes, I know he is blind but he could have at least tried to feel up my face and then tell me that I’m beautiful,” she wrote. “Instead he smelled my sweat glands and figured out that I’m average-bodied and so he didn’t even try to fuck me, the prick. Is it too much to ask that every man in the world go crazy with desire for me? I’m rich and famous, you know.”

The blind man in question has not been identified and remains safely anonymous.