Melania Trump Responds To Husband’s Sexual Assault Controversy


Melania Trump spoke to Anderson Cooper on CNN Monday night about the recent sexual assault comments made by her husband, Donald Trump.

“I was shocked by the inappropriate comments and the dirty talk,” said Melania Trump. “But not that shocked because that is how we first met.”

Anderson Cooper asked about the Trump campaign claims that the many sexual assault claims made by women this past week are part of a left-wing media conspiracy.

“I believe my husband, this is all a big conspiracy,” said Melania Trump. “I’m not sure how, perhaps they are paying these women, or perhaps the media went back in time and made him say that.”

Anderson Cooper asked Melania if she had talked about her husband’s ‘dirty talk’ comments with their ten year old son, Barron.

“My husband is raw and says what he feels,” said Melania Trump. “I don’t allow bad language but yes, our 10 year old son curses like sailor. He says f word this and n word that just like his father.”

Anderson Cooper then asked if she had stopped to consider that perhaps her husband really has sexually assaulted countless women over the years.

“Even if he did go after another man’s wife after marrying me the month before, don’t worry about Melania,” said Melania Trump. “I am okay with all of this because I only married him for the money and the power anyway.”

Anderson Cooper concluded the interview by asking Melania if she had ever told her husband to stop tweeting so much, but she said that although Donald respects women he doesn’t listen to a word she says.