Pope Francis Makes Reference To Liking ‘Facebook God’


VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis made reference to liking God on Facebook during his Sunday, April 10 homily.

“Liking God on Facebook opens the door to loving God in your life. God has a sense of humor and shows his love for us through conversations with humans. Even though they are often angry people of low intelligence who cannot even spell, Facebook God forgives them. This is the same spirit that Jesus carries with him throughout his life.”

The Pope celebrated Mass at the Casa Santa Martha residence Sunday morning, Vatican Radio reports.

“Today is the celebration of laughter,” the Pope said. “When I like a funny meme about Jesus on a dog’s butt that the Facebook God has shared, I am sanctified through laughter and this keeps me alive in Jesus Christ.”

The Pope encouraged each person in the congregation to like God’s Facebook page and to reflect on whether he or she says “yes” or “no” to God.

“Or am I a man or woman who looks away, too judgmental to respond?” he asked. “Or am I a cool person with a sense of humor?”

The Pope prayed that God “grant us the grace to take this path of men and women who knew how to say “yes” to liking God.

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  1. When they get a gay or woman Pope then I will join their Church.

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