The Most Hated Words In The English Language


God asked his fans on Facebook today: Which words do you hate the most?

Here are the Top Ten results!

10. Slut

“This word carries such hatred and often labels people who don’t deserve it as ‘promiscuous’ and ‘sexually free.’ It helps to vilify rape victims and make it seem like they deserved it. It’s demeaning and degrading. I hate that word with all of my being.” – Jax C.

Agreed. Fuck that word. – God

9. Blessed

“I don’t know what word I hate the most, but a word that comes to mind is the word “BLESSED. I find it cringeworthy when my friends brag about being “BLESSED” and not realize that they’re being cocky.” – Rodney P.

Agreed. Anyone that brags that they are ‘blessed’ is just telling God they are due for a good smiting. – God

8. Irregardless

“By nature of the term ‘regardless’ the topic is irrelevant. It’s built into the word already, no need to combine them.” – Ben M.

It’s almost like most people are idiots or something. – God

7. Race

“As in the human race. People love dividing it into black or white race. Just erase that word, God.” – Majo Matas S.

I wish! If I could erase ideas from existence, I would have erased a lot of bad ideas by now. – God

6. Hate

“This word is mostly misused and usually should be replaced by the word ‘dislike.’” – David G.

I agree, human. Overuse of the word ‘hate’ increases the spread of real, pure hatred in the world. – God

5. Sheeple

“If you use this word, I immediately deduct 10 points from your IQ and discount your entire argument.” – Kristopher C.

10 points is all some people have to begin with. – God

4. Moist

For many years, this word was the most hated word in the Universe. It seems that it has tumbled 3 spots this year as people realize there are much more horrible things in the world than a bit of subtle wetness, wherever it might occur. – God

3. Homophobe

“You’re not afraid of gay people. You’re just an asshole.” – David B.

You’re also terrified that you might be gay yourself because you jack off to pictures of Zac Efron eight days a week. – God

2. Trump

The last name of the kingshit of dumbfuck mountain, this has become more than a name, it has become a sound that is synonymous with evil itself. Much like the word ‘Hitler,’ henceforth the word ‘Trump’ shall help humans to remember feelings of violence and hatred that must be forever defeated and reviled. – God

1. The Words That Must Never Be Spoken

These are words that hurt. They are described by a letter + word…you know the ones. These are the words that decent people know never to say because they are racist or sexist and revive evil forces from the past. Sure, you can say them, but it makes you  a really bad and shitty person…and you want to be a good person, right? Good.  – God