Trump Has Easter Morning Meltdown, God Responds


Today Donald Trump woke up and had an Easter morning meltdown. Maybe the Easter Bunny forgot to bring him a big, beautiful piece of chocolate cake. Or perhaps he bit down into his chocolate bunny, realized it was hollow, and shouted “FAKE NEWS!”

Or maybe he’s just a miserable piece of shit.
Whatever brought on this particular meltdown, we may never know.

But he started off with completely contradicting himself from the past.

God takes exception to people pissing all over Easter.

Minutes later, the Trump account tweeted this rather normal message.

But God knew better.

45 minutes later, Trump figured that Jesus had been given enough respect, so his ranting continued.

But God wasn’t having it.

As is tradition, Trump’s paranoia increased as he went on.

God responded yet again.

Realizing he’d just said a bunch of crazy stuff, Trump fell back on using the military as a shield for his lunacy.

But as he always does, God had the last word.