Trump Slams Clinton For Her “Failed Casino” In Tweetstorm


Donald Trump attacked his political rival Hillary Clinton on Saturday, slamming her for “failing at real estate.”

The GOP presidential nominee, who just 24 hours earlier stated that Hillary Clinton started the birtherism controversy about President Obama, tweeted that Clinton “failed at business when her Atlantic city casino went bankrupt.”


Clinton responded by vigorously denied ever being a real estate tycoon or owning a casino. Trump went on to attack Clinton as being “a bigot who hates the blacks.”


Trump also attacked Clinton for “wearing a wig”and for having “small hands.”


The Clinton camp retaliated by saying that Trump needs to release his Wall Street speeches and answer for his past racist comments about ‘super-predators.’

EDIT: Trump’s tweets have since been removed from his Twitter account, perhaps by one of the more sober and sane members of his campaign staff.