Twitter Bot Replaces “God” in Joel Osteen’s Tweets with “Your Dick,” God Responds


Megachurch evangelist pastor and notorious conman Joel Osteen has been bilking his congregation out of millions of dollars for decades. He has absolutely no shame when it comes to pretending to be a holy man for money.

This is his mansion.
Joel Osteen Home

As a result of his faux holiness, some random genius out there decided to use the phrase ‘your dick’ to blasphemously troll Olsteen. The bot is named Joel Dongstein and, next to R2-D2, might just be God’s favorite robot of all time.

1. So much truth.

2. Hey, whatever makes you feel better.

3. Someone’s a bit delusional.

4. Bust out the magnifying glass!

5. Damn right.

6. Haha, gross.

7. Pearl necklace?

8. That could get you arrested.

9. Someone bought pills online.

10. Haha, go easy though, you’ll end up in the hospital.

11. Too true! Be careful, wear a condom!

Without question, Dongsteen is much wiser then Osteen. After laughing and pondering for hours, God had to give Dongsteen his full blessing.