Ken Ham Can’t Find Enough Creationists To Run His Ark Park

Ken Ham is a Christian fundamentalist and young Earth creationist who believes the planet we live on is a mere 6,000 years old.


To promote his views that the creation story should be treated as literally true rather than a folk story, he created the creationist museum in Kentucky.


Not even sure I’ve ever heard the one about the cowboys and dragons, but ok. Among other things, the museum teaches kids and adults alike that dinosaurs and humans lived together in harmony, that Noah literally built a massive boat filled with all species of animals, and that evolution by natural selection does not exist.

Because OF COURSE they do, the Creationist Museum requires all of its employees to not only be Christian but to profess their faith in the strongest terms possible, to the extent they must take political positions in accordance with them.

According to Patheos:

“…the application requires everyone — from tour guide to plumber — to include their “salvation testimony” (that they’ve been saved by Jesus), their “Creation belief statement” (that evolution as we know it is a lie and the Earth is only a few thousand years old), and “Confirmation of your agreement with the AiG Statement of Faith” (which, among other things, says the “only legitimate marriage” is between opposite sex couples and implies that transgender people don’t really exist).”

Well, now the Creation Museum has relaxed those standards a bit. Here’s Ham in a Facebook live video explaining his own “evolution” on the matter (at around the 5:45 mark):

We’re hiring a variety of positions—seasonal and full time—at the Ark Encounter, Creation Museum, and Answers in Genesis

Posted by Ken Ham on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

“We are a Christian organization, and as a Christian organization, we employ people who are Christians. We actually, for the seasonals, we actually have a more abridged Statement of Faith, the fundamentals of Christianity, not our detailed one for all of our full-time managers and others. So for seasonals, I know there’s a lot of young people who still aren’t necessarily mature in all their thinking in lots of areas, but if they can sign the tenets of the fundamentals of the Christian faith, they can… work here.”

Seasonal workers get to be seasonal Christians!

It seems that “abridged” statement of faith works a lot like the iTunes user agreement you click through without reading every time you update:


It’s too bad that jewish, muslim, transgender, and gay people can’t get jobs there. If you’d like to see who the Creation Museum deems worthy of employment, just check out this guy who got arrested for stockpiling military-grade explosives!

h/t: Patheos

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