Creationist Accidentally Uses Meme Mocking Creationists To Promote New Bible Theme Park

Kent Hovind is a young-Earth creationist who opened up a creationist Dinosaur Adventure Park to help spread the lie that dinosaurs and humans co-existed at some point (you know, because the Earth is only 6,000 years old).

You can add “paying taxes” to the long list of things Hovind doesn’t believe in, because in 2009 the IRS seized his Florida creationist playground after he was convicted of tax fraud.

Now, Hovind is back with a new Dinosaur Adventure Land in Alabama:

Hovind is apparently not done making poor decisions, as evidenced by the flier for his new park:


In the bottom left corner there’s an image of a man holding a baby dinosaur, which was a popular joke on the internet waaaaaay back in the day:


While humans and dinosaurs never co-existed in ancient times, back in the olden days of the internet, Raptor Jesus roamed the net:


Here are some more Raptor Jesus greatest hits:

If you’re in Alabama, swing by Dinosaur Land to say hello to our lord and savior, Raptor Jesus. (Also remind Kent to pay his taxes this time.)

h/t: Patheos

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