God Responds To Outraged Gun Rights Advocate Who Is Unfollowing The Page

For some reason the people who love guns the most also hate grammar.

Last weekend, former NFL kicker and current CBS Sports analyst Jay Feely tweeted out this gem:

Why yes, that is a gun in his hand and he does appear to be “jokingly” threatening his daughter’s prom date. Get it??

He caught plenty of flack for it, including from Woke Sloth in a post The Good Lord Above shared on his Facebook page:

Well, it seems like some of God’s fans are pretty salty about it, and one of them threatened to unfollow the page:

To be clear, guns do a great job of killing people. In fact, it’s what weapons like the AR-15 are designed for. Just because people can also commit murder using some other, more difficult means doesn’t mean we need to keep the easy way around. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this poor woman during her difficult time of getting owned by God.

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