Waffle House Shooter’s Mom Blamed No Prayer In School For School Shootings

In the early morning hours of April 22nd a man armed with a gun went into a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee and started shooting people, killing four before hero James Shaw, Jr. wrestled the gun away from him. The gunman is allegedly Travis Reinking and he’s got a long history of run-ins with the law.

In 2017, Reinking was detained outside the White House where he was trying to meet with, you guessed it, President Trump.

He was arrested for trespassing but the charges were later dismissed “after he completed community service.” The FBI requested his firearms be confiscated, which they briefly were before being returned to Reinking’s father, who… gave them back to his son. This could mean legal trouble for Reinking’s father as well, as his son had been barred from owning firearms after his little self-guided White House tour.

It turns out Reinking’s father isn’t the only one with questionable judgment, his mom posted a meme to Facebook suggesting that the REAL cause of school shootings is the lack of prayer in school:


Gonna go out on a limb and say there are probably other public policy solutions to mass shootings in schools that might address the problem a little more directly.

It’s a little difficult to say what exactly lies at heart of all these violent incidents, but they seem to mostly be perpetrated by men who, uh, have issues. Either issues with women, or with the government, or with minorities. They’re as aggrieved as they are privileged and it makes for a toxic combination.

They also have access to deadly weapons of war, like the AR-15. The reason Reinking’s rampage was stopped is because someone charged him while he briefly paused his massacre. If not for James Shaw Jr., the body count in that Waffle House could have been much higher. That’s why gun control, limits on magazines, and other reforms are absolutely necessary.

While we all wait for real gun control reform, you can kill some time by donating to a GoFundMe set up to help James Shaw, Jr.

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