Young Preacher Screams About All Atheists Being Coke-Drinking Video Game Addicts Who Love Harry Potter

22-year-old preacher Matt Powell recently posted an impassioned excerpt from a sermon he titled “Creation, Cults, and the Two World Religions.” He expresses many a sentiment in his minute long diatribe — evolution is stupid, kids don’t get taught “how to logic” in schools, and all atheists play video games.

This video segment kicks off strong, with Powell having a hypothetical conversation between himself (Creationist) and an atheist, who in this scenario believes in evolution.

It’s amazing. I don’t like to get on the subject of evolution with atheists because they just freak out. They’re like, “Oh my! I can’t believe you don’t believe in evolution!” Why would I? It’s stupid. You have to actually defy science.

Oh, it’s scientific.

Well what about this?!

I never thought of that. It’d really never even crossed my mind.

Powell does not elaborate on what the “this” — “logic” and “evidence” that disprove evolution — could possible be in this imaginary scenario. He goes on:

Because we live in a school where it’s just fill in the blank. Fill in the blank. Fill in the blank. They’re not taught to logic! They’re not taught to reason. I thank God I was in a home where I at least got taught how to logic.

Thank God Powell got taught how to logic. He then goes on to break down the one commonality (besides lack of faith) shared by all atheists: Video games.

And you know what all these atheists have in common? They’ve been attacking us online. They put out a little two hour documentary trying to expose the one pastor that I put out and Brother Brandon… put out a two hour documentary. You know what all these atheists have in common? Video games! They all play video games!

What documentary he’s referring to and what video games ever did to Powell is a mystery, one which only deepens with the next statement out of his mouth:

And Harry Potter! You get on their channel, they’re in fantasy land. That’s all they ever do!

And Harry Potter? What about Harry Potter? What is the connection? Get his name out of your undoubtedly Slytherin mouth, and maybe stop making decade-old references. You’re only 22, dude.

They can’t think for themselves! They sit back and they drink Coke all day, and sit behind the video game system, and then wonder why, “Oh, you’re crazy, Brother Paul, for believing in a Creator! Oh, you’re insane.” No, you’re crazy, and you need to get off the video game system, and somebody needs to preach to him the gospel of Jesus Christ and so that they can be saved!

That’s what we need. And I’m sick and tired of these stinking video games messing with people.

It seems the lady doth protest too much. What lack of self-awareness has to do with drinking Coke, playing video games, Harry Potter, and evolution, is a conundrum. Maybe Powell does not know how to logic as good as he thought.

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