God Schools Man Offended By Religious Joke Until He Sees The Light

The Good Lord Above likes to point out the religious hypocrisy practiced by “Christianists”—those who fetishize the pageantry, arbitrary doctrine, and obscure biblical passages of Christianity instead of living the actual tenets of their faith. Naturally, pointing out hypocrisy—especially hypocrisy from profit-seeking faith leaders—ruffles some feathers.

The Good Lord Above pointed out the hypocrisy of raking in heaps of cash to build massive “megachurches” instead of living and praying modestly and using those funds to actually, you know, help people. One reader got a little hot under the collar, so God had to set him straight.

While there’s nothing inherently bad about belonging to a large church, many of these so-called “megachurches” are built as part of corrupt ministries that put profits over preaching. Huge, swanky compounds with TV screens exist to exalt and flatter their “leaders” and not the God they purport to worship. It’s an exercise in vanity and venality, where Christ taught humility and service. Amen!

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