This New Show About an Atheist Who Friends God on Facebook Is Hilariously Awful

CBS recently ordered a pilot for a television show about God reaching out to an outspoken atheist podcaster via… Facebook and, well, it looks just as horrible as you’d think.

In the beefy six-minute(!) trailer, we get a glimpse into the life of avowed atheist Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) who’s so firm in his beliefs he’s got a podcast about atheism. He’s also got a complicated relationship with his father Al (Joe Morton) who is (TWIST!) a reverend!

One day, Miles gets a friend request from “God” on Facebook (his avatar is a gentle, non-threatening cloud) and that’s when things start getting strange. After rebuffing the request, Miles eventually succumbs to curiosity and accepts only to be offered to connect with another stranger named “John Dove” (lol, Dove GET IT??). Miles follows Dove into the subway where he stops the man from committing suicide, something Dove thanks him for before disappearing on to the train.

Facebook God then points Miles towards another possible friend named Cara Bloom (Violett Beane) and Miles follows the lead. Turns out Cara’s a journalist and agrees to help Miles figure out WTF is going on until she spots a picture on his computer, gets freaked, and leaves. The photo is of Miles’ late mother in the hospital with cancer, surrounded by the staff and the rest of his family. It turns out the nurse in the photo was Cara’s mother (TWIST!) and that she left her when Cara was very young. Miles tells Cara he prayed for his mother to beat cancer, which she did but she was killed in a car accident on the way home from the hospital (TWIST!).

Miles then helps Cara find her mother, they chat, but Cara runs off when it turns out her estranged mom has a new family. While she’s dashing away from the scene, Cara gets hits by a car and who happens to be in the taxi behind the car? The suicide guy John Dove (TWIST!)! Miles says Cara needs a doctor and John Dove says—are you sitting down for this?—JOHN DOVE IS A DOCTOR (TWIIIIIIIIST!!!!!!!!)! John Dove then performs CPR and saves Cara’s life, and I gotta say, you DO NOT need to be a doctor to perform CPR. But hey, I guess it’s all a part of his mysterious plan.

God Friended Me will air Sundays at 8p.m. on CBS.

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