God Responds To Pro-Trump Troll Who Lectures Him On Jesus’s Facebook Activities

It’s rough being God. He shows up on Facebook day after day, sifting through memes, reading “thoughts and prayers,” reassuring the humans, and dealing with a surprising number of unbelievers and haters. You’d think he could catch a break now and then, but some people just won’t let him. The latest woman to post some smack talk to God’s page begged “Him” to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, even going so far as to claim to know what Jesus would be doing if he were on Facebook. Blessedly, God set her straight.

A woman named “Rose” recently tried to stand up for President Trump and bizarrely claimed Jesus Christ himself would do the same. Enter “The Almighty” himself, who schooled her in some of the finer points of the gospel:

You know God had to do it to ‘em. Don’t come at the Big Guy unless you’re gonna bring the big guns, and please learn how to spell! It’s really “shamful” when you butcher the English language like that. Besides, God’s really been trying to not be so “vengeful” and “Old Testament,” cut him some slack!

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