Pro-Trump Pastor Regrets His Own Viral Witchcraft Prayer Video

Recently, a video of a Pentecostal Alabama pastor, John Kilpatrick, praying for Donald Trump to be protected against “witchcraft” blew up on the internet. In the video Kilpatrick starts really feeling the Holy Spirit and begins speaking in tongues.

After Kilpatrick regains his composure and escapes the grip of the spirit, he continued. “It’s almost like Trump is goin’ in and trying to take America by the hand and say, ‘We can be great again,’ and they’re trying to trip him every time he moves,” Kilpatrick says before praying to God to “topple” witchcraft.

It turns out Kilpatrick wasn’t ready for his viral stardom, however. He now regrets the portion of the video where he’s speaking in tongues because it might not have been palatable to all the sinners out there.

Kilpatrick made another video about the whole incident (which can’t be embedded here, so maybe he learned his lesson), in it he says this:

Here’s the thing. If I would’ve released that, which I had no intention of doing, it was just a Sunday morning sermon to me, you know, and we just ended up by praying for President Trump, that was home cooking, you know? That wasn’t meant for anybody else. But… whenever it hit, I had to say, “Well, you know, the Lord evidently wanted this out, tongues and all.” Because I would’ve omitted the tongues, because, you know, I mean, I’m a Pentecostal preacher. I’m a revivalist. I speak in tongues. I’m not ashamed of it at all. But if I was gonna release something like that, I wouldn’t release that, you know, for the world to look in and see that, because they don’t understand that kind of stuff. But I would’ve released the same words, but I’d just took some of that out.

Just like a bad selfie that got too many likes on Instagram, Kilpatrick is a little embarrassed by it but won’t take it down. At least he’s smart enough to realize that launching into a divine Trump-induced apoplexy isn’t exactly the best look. Now if only the rest of the Republican party would realize it

h/t: Friendly Atheist

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