Lightning Struck The White House And Twitter Had Jokes

During a thunderstorm on Tuesday, lightning actually struck the White House and some people can’t help but see it as a sign from God. After all, the Trump administration has had an especially rough week. So much has happened: The New York Times printed an anonymous, strongly anti-Trump op-ed that may or may not have been penned by Mike Pence. Donald Trump’s arch-enemy, Colin Kaepernick, was made the face of Nike’s thirtieth anniversary “Just Do It” campaign. Bob Woodward released a book about the Trump administration called Fear, opening the curtains on the President’s “Crazytown” administration. Maybe God has just had enough.

CNN photographer Matt Hoye caught a stunning shot of the very moment the lightning hit. And Twitter had a field day laughing about the significance of it.

One person compared the White House to a creepy old haunted mansion from Scooby Doo. Zoinks!

Another person made a meme where God pretends that was just a practice shot and the real one would come when President Donald Trump was futzing around on one of his many golf courses.

Someone else had the same idea.

If only lightning could pass right through the roof.

Most of the jokes had to do with God being behind it, and, you know what, they’re probably right.

In fact, The Good Lord Above weighed in and claimed responsibility. And no,  he’s not worried one bit about the Secret Service.

Uh-oh. Donald Trump better watch his ass!

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