23 Outlaws Who Just DGAF About Your Silly Rules

The world is full of rules—do this, don’t do that, definitely don’t do that. It can be exhausting and boring AF to try to follow all the laws and requirements thrown at us every day. But every so often, a hero comes along and bucks the system. They blithely give the middle finger to what THE MAN wants them to do, and just do whatever they want instead. And they deserve our utmost respect.

23. After Eight, my ass.

22. What question? I don’t see a question.

21. Just gonna put this camera right above this “Dance like no one’s watching sign.”

20. No pumpkin? No problem!

19. Switched the bins with nary a care.

18. Hey, man, don’t push your policies on me.

17. Have a seat, put your feet up, relax.

16. So literal.

15. Don’t tell me where I can handle my sausages, thank you very much.

14. At least it’s not a wooden nickel.

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