This Is What Happens When You Call God An ‘Assh*le’

The Notorious G.O.D. might be the omniscient omnipotent ruler of the universe, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get his share of haters. Every day he logs on to Facebook ready to share the latest memes, the funniest tweets, and his own brand of tough love. Despite all that he gives, he still catches flak from angry humans who just want to tear him down. Sometimes he wows them with his almighty power and sometimes he just lays the smackdown. This time, at least, he decided to have a little fun and share some of his greatest hits. Humans, let this be a lesson to you: DO NOT call The Good Lord Above an “assh*le.”

See? He’s loving and kind, and, yes, kind of an assh*le. But what could you possibly expect from a deity who hears literally everything humans say or think? I mean, he’s letting this guy off easy! It’s certainly not the worst thing he’s ever done.

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