God Responds To Request From Abraham Lincoln

God is the most famous person—dead, alive, fictional or non—to ever exist. That’s probably on account of his being immortal and all. Even the most legendary of historical figures need to go through him to get a taste of that sweet reincarnation. Historical figures such as 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, 18th President Ulysses S. Grant, and 7th President Andrew Jackson, who used their one free pass to return to Earth (the legends all get one freebie!) to teach the current president a history lesson.

Specifically, Honest Abe asked God whether he’d let them return to Earth temporarily to “do a Christmas Carol type deal,” promising that “Jackson and Grant” would temper themselves.

God, magnanimously, replied. Of COURSE he’d allow the three former presidents to return to Earth…under several conditions, of course.

People loved this little exchange, and pictured other historical figures Trump could use a talking from.

Others were quick to point out that Jackson, particularly, was not without severe fault.

And one teacher exemplified how her students gave better reasons for Lincoln’s successes than did Donald Trump himself:


If God could also send down some of the Founding Fathers to explain about America not being a Christian nation (re: separation of church and state) and that peaceful protest and free media are constitutional rights, that would also be great.

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