Right-Wing Christian Claims Straight People Don’t Have Oral Sex

Linda Harvey is a Christian right-wing bigot who preaches all manner of insanity in her quest to rid the country of the “scourge” of homosexuality. She’s the founder of an activist organization called “Mission America” that churns out garbage about how kids are being corrupted by the scary “homosexual agenda.” She’s obsessed with homosexuality and even authored a book titled Maybe He’s Not Gay that encourages parents to say cover their ears when their kids come out to them (I assume).

Her latest post takes on “comprehensive sex education,” which teaches teens safe sex practices and to engage in sexual activities less likely to result in pregnancy (oral, anal, manual—you get the drift). Because teens are hormone-filled rebels, experts reason arming them with the facts might be a better way to prevent STIs and unwanted pregnancies than teaching them that the Big Sky Man will be angry with them if they run around doing what their bodies are telling them to.

Of course, Harvey is having none of that, claiming that schools telling teens that there are other ways to get off are guilty of spreading a “radical pro-homosexual” agenda. Her post pretends to be about rising STI rates in the United States, but it doesn’t take long for her to start bashing LGBTQ people.

“[L]et’s not forget the deadly contribution of “LGBTQ” advocates who demand “inclusive” sex ed — i.e., lessons that outline in detail how kids can engage in anal and oral sex, the sex practices of homosexuals,” she writes. “These lessons often encourage masturbation and pornography use.”

I don’t want to speculate on Harvey’s teenage years, but speaking from personal experience I don’t think teenagers are waiting for permission to masturbate. Also, someone should tell her to turn Net Nanny off, because straight people are having plenty of oral and anal sex!

Harvey goes on to get a little more accusatory. “Outright molestation isn’t always the outcome of “LGBTQ” propaganda, but mental and moral corruption is,” she writes. “Still, the latest trend in “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) barrels onward with its latest demand — “pleasure” as the new focus of sex education.”

So sex should be a pleasure-free endeavor between a married heterosexual couple and all LGBTQ folks are child molesters. Got it.

There are several problems with Harvey’s preferred sex-shaming education. The first of which is it makes LGBTQ teens feel isolated and depressed. The second of which is that it actually causes STI rates to increase. Abstinence-only education doesn’t make teens less likely to engage in sex, it only makes them more ignorant of the consequences.

I guess that’s the best we can expect from someone who once credited a Ouija board with scaring her straight about the dangers of “homosexual Halloween.”

h/t: Friendly Atheist

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