High School Football Team Holds “In God We Trust” Signs And Then Loses Game

Saying prayers over the loudspeaker at football games is illegal, you know, because of that whole separation of church and state thing. Alabama’s Blount County School District recently got in trouble for allowing prayers over the loudspeakers before games, so they decided that they would go with a moment of silence instead.

So, on September 21, Hayden High School had its first football game without prayer on the loudspeakers beforehand. But the players still ran onto the field holding signs that read “In God We Trust.” They must have been hoping that God has really good eyesight, I guess?

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And that wasn’t all. Papers were passed out that included the words to the Lord’s Prayer and asked that people stand and recite it out loud during the moment of silence.

Twitter: HillarySimonTV

So after all that effort to keep prayer in the game, how did the team do? Hayden lost 38-12, dropping their record to 1-4.

Hmmm. Maybe they just need bigger signs?

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