Civil War Soldiers Killed A Dinosaur, According To This Creationist Preacher

Creationists are some of the most wildly imaginative people when it comes to concocting outlandish theories that circumvent science to prop up a literal interpretation of the Bible. It’s sad really. If they could be as inspired by scientific discovery as they are by making sure men don’t marry other men, we might have a cure for cancer right now!

Then again, a lot of these evolution deniers are just plain ignorant. Preacher Matt Powell is one of the ignorant ones, as his recent interview with “Godless Engineer” (AKA John Gleason) demonstrates.

Preacher Matt Powell sat down with atheist John Gleason for an interview that touched on why, if humans and dinosaurs coexisted, there aren’t historical accounts of dinosaurs existing. Powell insists that there are and brings in a VERY recent (and bullsh*t) example. Powell claimed that Civil War soldiers actually shot down a pterodactyl. (Yes, really.)

Here’s Powell defending his bizarre claim:

“I believe if we study history—you know, the Confederates were able to shoot pterodactyls. You know, back in the Civil War. And they spread these things out—anybody can look it up online—they spread these things out, and… this is a historical fact. So, you know, they spread this thing out and it’s got huge wing-length. It’s a pterodactyl they shot! So of course these things have been around. Now they went extinct, obviously, slowly but surely. And so I don’t believe that just because… at some point in time, coming from your perspective, that… just because they stopped talking about it means that they never saw it. When we have all this evidence that they’ve seen it.”

Here’s a pro-tip: if you’re telling people that the only evidence for something happening during the Civil War can be found online, it’s probably not true! You’d think that people who purport to live their lives according to Bronze Age texts would put a little more stock in primary sources from the time period in question, but no.

Here’s the photo that “anyone can look up online.” Even if you’re not a savvy internet user you should be able to tell that photo is one that anyone can create and post online.

Friendly Atheist

The photo actually appears to be a picture of a prop by Fox Television/Universal Studios, but it is pretty cool!

Speaking of the Civil War and dinosaurs, there’s actually an entire theme park in Virginia featuring dinosaurs devouring Civil War soldiers, and I feel like Powell would have a blast there.

Here’s the interview, cued up at the bizarre exchange in question:

h/t: Friendly Atheist

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