God Schools Homophobic Pastor Bryan Fischer


Homophobic pastor and radio host Bryan Fischer is known for his extreme right wing views. But he said something especially stupid on Sunday.

In the Bible quote he references, I allegedly promise not to kill any more humans with weather. Keep in mind, I had literally just drowned every other human on Earth. So I showed them a rainbow. That’s it. You gotta admit, it’s a great way to distract from all the dead bodies. Stop crying Japheth! Hey, look over there! A rainbow! Yay! Humans were more easily impressed back then.

But that’s besides the point. The rainbow is not owned by bigoted pricks. And so I decided to personally respond to this dimwit.

Realizing I’d been too polite, and still feeling so full of smite, I smote with all My might.

I thought that was pretty solid. Surely he would know to change his ways now. But 8 minutes later, I realized that I still had more to say.

Why is Bryan Fischer so homophobic anyway? Is it possible he might be gay himself? Let’s take a look at his website…hmm….

Methinks the man doth protest too much!