God Sums Up The Problem With Trump In One Perfect Sentence


Over the course of the last year, president-elect Donald Trump has attacked celebrities relentessly through his notorious and much reviled Twitter feed. He’s had frequent meltdowns over how he’s portrayed by Alec Baldwin. One Monday he flipped a lid over Meryl Streep. And just today, on the weekend before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, he attacked civil rights icon John Lewis. Why did he do so? Because John Lewis committed the unforgivable crime of saying that he didn’t view Trump as a “legitimate president” and that he would not be attending Trump’s d-list star-studded inauguration.

God responded to this stupid state of affairs.

Trump never will attack racists with the same zest and zeal that he does celebrities and civil rights icons. Why? Because they love him. And Trump cannot bring himself to truly hate anyone that loves him, even if they’re Nazis or KKK members.

Remember when Trump used to attack Obama for being a secret Muslim from Kenya? Maybe he was overcompensating because Trump is actually a secret Nazi who was actually born in Germany.

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