Trump Has Meltdown Over ‘Fake News,’ God Responds


Today US President Donald J. Trump had his daily Twitter meltdown. This time he attacked the media for doing its job of investigating why his campaign was in regular contact with the Russian government throughout the entire 2016 election.

Trump seems to want people to think that everything the media says is not true and that everything he says is true, even though nothing he says is true.

God first responded by mimicking Trump.

But God did not stop there, for ye, The LORD was furious with Dingleberry Trump’s constant breaking of the Ninth Commandment “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

For some reason, God made one last appeal to the free will of a lunatic. God never gives up hope that a person can change…although they almost never do.

Will Trump try to shutdown the American media? Will he destroy the Internet to silence his critics? Will he use the National Guard to round up anyone that voted against him? Will he be deposed by the military for being a Russian spy? At this point anything is possible.