Trump Unloads On Crying Baby In Epic Twitter Meltdown


Donald Trump ejected a crying baby from his rally on Tuesday after the baby stubbornly refused to stop being a baby.

“Get that baby out of here,” Mr. Trump said to the shock of the crowd. “No, I’m not kidding. I hate that crying baby, get it out of here! Now!”

The mother and her baby were quickly escorted out of the rally by security. Soon following the rally, Trump jumped on Twitter to publicly denounce the baby for ‘ruining’ his rally.


Trump imitated the baby.


Trump issued a Baby Ban.


Trump floated a conspiracy theory.


Trump’s bigotry came into play.


Trump imagined a brighter future.


Trump lashed out at his enemies.


Reached for comment, Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson said that Trump is no longer crying on Twitter. He was given cookies and milk and is currently “taking a nap.”

22 Comments on "Trump Unloads On Crying Baby In Epic Twitter Meltdown"

  1. That last one makes me think it fake…

  2. Mark B. Morrow | August 2, 2016 at 10:10 pm |

    The real reason he banished the baby was that he noticed the baby’s large hands.

  3. The spelling of great didn’t give it away sooner?

  4. He only likes fetuses. Babies are stupid losers. If babies are so great then why aren’t they still fetuses? Donald knows many wealthy fetuses and he admires them because they are not babies.

  5. Stephen Wood | August 2, 2016 at 10:28 pm |

    He is finished thank God

  6. Trump’s actual behaviour is so behaviour it’s hard to distinguish satire from fact ?

  7. fake bullshit

  8. No, actually it’s easy to believe he would spell things incorrectly.

  9. Babies don’t make great deals, babies don’t build structures! Trump is better than babies!

  10. I know these are fake because the spelling is correct.

  11. Desdemona Othello | August 3, 2016 at 12:31 am |

    Guys as a former political advisor I can only say two things –
    1) he is throwing the election on purpose – he is too shrewd to do this rant
    2) its a fake – he’s too shrewd to do this rant.

    No politician (not even Bush) is that dumb.

  12. These “Twitter posts” are fake. You really aren’t that stupid are you. What the actual rally. Would you sir with a screaming child at a wedding? No you politely get you and tabs care of the baby. And yes, I’m a mother of 2.

  13. You guys do know that thegoodlordabove is a comedy site, right?

  14. Change the Baby | August 3, 2016 at 2:54 am |

    Someone take care of this anonymous baby. I think it’s Trump Brand diaper is soaked.

  15. Just realize that he himself said it was no big deal.. then less than 60 seconds later he is making it into something bad… this dude is a nut case.

  16. just go to his twitter page and look

  17. Lmao

  18. It’s the true Trump surfacing, if he becomes president the world as we know it is over…

  19. Cheap, cringy move. Why don’t you bash ruthless, murderous psychopath Clinton?

  20. Did you notice that recently (including Independence Day) The Mooslim Terrorists have been lying low in the US? That’s because they are afraid that if they do any more mass-murders before November 11 then Trump will win the election, so they are waiting till Clinton is elected before they start up the next wave of mass-murders! So you can thank Trump for these months of peace!

  21. True keen observation!

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